Mens sex wear and male chastity

It would be hard to not include male chastity products in any blog about mens sex wear.

In my little mens sex wear blog we talk about extreme mens swimwear, cock displays, Lycra sex wear that puts your cock in the right position holds it there and get it hard along with men’s sheer wear, anal plug suits, cock ring suits, male enhancements and so much more. Mens sex wear is a new expanding field. We have a long way to go to catch lingerie for women but we are making huge strides in the mens sex wear field. Women are getting their men to wear sexy things, guys are getting their men to wear wild cock displays and all of the above are forcing their men to wear male chastity cock cages. I must admit I have been forced many times to wear a cock cage for extended periods of time when my partner thought is was cheating.


mens sex wear and male chastity

Mens sex wear to the extreme

Mens sex wear covers such a huge area of fashion from cute boy shorts to the most extreme g-strings with built in anal insertion and male enhancement designs.

Many mens sex wear designs fall in and out of the mens swimwear category. Spandex Lycra is at the heart of most mens sex wear designs with the balance being leather, latex, rubber and sheer. Mens sex wear designs are created for both visual and physical arousal. Men are easy to arouse and spandex Lycra cock wear designs are some of the best male fuck wear creations you can find. I am posting a description from mens swimwear and spandex fetish wear my favorite mens sex wear company and a photo of a new design they will be offering soon. Very hot.


Male chastity cock cages


Micro Blast with Ass Spark Combo Anal
Plug Cock Ring

There are a
lot of men that love the look and feel of the micro bikini, but they have an
issue with things falling out every once in a while. That has been cured with
the new and improved Micro Blast with Ass
Spark Combo Anal Plug Cock Ring.
This wonderful suit gives you a cock ring
that will make sure the micro pouch stays in place no matter what you might be
doing. This makes it the perfect item for those jogs on the beach you like to
take or even playing volleyball if you want.

Of course,
the micro pouch had to be a bit bigger since wearing the cock ring will start
to engorge your cock and the smaller pouches just can’t handle something like
that. The Micro Blast with Ass Spark
Combo Anal Plug Cock Ring
also gives you the fun of wearing your own Ass
Spark plug while you are wearing this kinky little suit. If you already own an
Ass Spark, then you don’t have to worry about purchasing another one, unless,
of course, you would like to try out some different sizes.

If you don’t
have an Ass Spark or you would prefer to wear this little gem without one, then
you can. The double straps on the back side allow for the perfect tension to
keep your Ass Spark in place, and when added to the use of the cock ring, you
are looking at one of the hottest selling and sexiest bikinis on the market. loves the thought of all you guys wearing the Micro Blast with Ass Spark Combo Anal Plug
Cock Ring
out there on the beach, and to make it even more enticing, they
have a price you just can’t beat. This is one suit you will absolutely love to


Mens sex wear

Mens sex wear cock display suit