Advice on Mens Sex Wear

Advice on Mens Sex Wear

When it
comes to wearing mens sex wear, I always turn to my old college roommate. This
guy wore things that most guys would never even consider wearing, and he
enjoyed every second of it. He didn’t care what anyone might have been thinking
about it, either. If anyone gave him a hard time about what he was wearing, he
would just tell them that he was secure enough with his manhood to explore
sexually pleasing items and they were just jealous. It usually worked, too, as
the other person would either shut up or try on what he was wearing to see what
it was like.

But there
comes a time when you have to find your own mens sex wear, and he always knows
the best place to find them. I talk to him all the time about finding new sex
wear for a very reasonable price and he always has an answer. It doesn’t even
matter what kind of sex wear I am looking for, either. He doesn’t judge anyone
for what they are wearing or what they might want to try out. It probably has
to do with the fact that he has tried on just about every sex wear item ever
created. Still, it’s great to have such an experienced and open minded friend as


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Wear Your Mens Sex Wear Carefully

Wear Your Mens Sex Wear Carefully

When wearing
mens sex wear you should probably refrain from answering the door unless you
have other clothes on over the top of them. I made that mistake just a few days
ago and, while I don’t think the Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to be bothering
me anymore, it was still fairly embarrassing. It’s not like I was dressed up in
a complete bondage body suit with a hood and handcuffs, but what I was wearing
was bad enough that they wouldn’t look at me once I opened the door and they
saw what it was that I was wearing.

The mens sex
wear that I currently own is fairly erotic by nature and I am sure they got to
see parts of my body they would have preferred not seeing at all. The funny
thing is that I had just gotten home from work about an hour earlier and simply
wanted to relax a bit while I was alone. So I threw on something that wasn’t
all that bad and was sitting on the couch watching television when they
knocked. Guess I should have looked out the window first or not answered the
door, but I thought it was a friend and wanted to surprise them. It seems I am
the one who was surprised.


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