The perfect men’s sex wear

The ideal men’s sex wear in my opinion will show off the size of the shaft no matter how large or small it might be while still highlighting the balls. The most important things is to not let men’s sex wear intimidate you. Many men worry that their penis size is too small to show off but the truth is even the smallest penis deserves to be displayed. There is an entire lifestyle of men and women that are into very small cocks! Companies like make fashions to show the beauty of the male form and they offer many designs that have been created for men who have very small penises all the way up to designs that show off the largest cocks. All cocks get the attention they deserve in these awesome styles.


Male Man by Koala

Scrunch butt bikini for men

Enjoying Your Mens Sex Wear Fully

Enjoying Your Mens Sex Wear Fully

Something that will clue you in to the fact that you
love mens sex wear is just how much you enjoy wearing it. This type of clothing
will give you a sensation such as you have never experienced in your life. That’s
when you will know that this is the clothing for you even if no one else ever
gets to see you wearing it. This isn’t such an important part of the whole
thing, though, because most of these items can be worn right under your
everyday clothing and no one else will be the wiser.

Another thing you should understand about mens sex
wear is that wearing it is a very personal thing. That means that you should
feel comfortable choosing exactly what works for you. Unless you have a partner
that knows you very well, you are the only person that should be selecting and
buying this type of clothing. The reason for this is that only you really know
what turns you on and what will just sit unused in your closet or back of a
dresser drawer, which is such a waste of money. So the best rule of thumb is if
you don’t think you will enjoy an item, don’t take a chance on maybe liking it. There will be other
things that will draw you in instantly and you can buy those.


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Mens sex wear bulge inducing designs by cock and anal gear

Mens sex wear bulge inducing designs by

Owning a Closetful of Mens Sex Wear

Owning a Closetful of Mens Sex Wear

When it
comes to mens sex wear, you should take a look into my walk-in closet. You
would think that I had raided one of those BDSM adult book stores with all the
items I have purchased over the years. It seems like every time I get online, I
am purchasing another item for my collection; I even have some that I have
never used simply because I can’t find anyone interested in that particular
fetish that would enjoy seeing me in it. But if I ever do meet that person, I
will have it ready and available for all the adoration it will give me.

Mens sex
wear is something that I just can’t pass up, and every time I find a new design
or style, I simply have to own it. I do try to wear most of my items as often
as possible, even if it is when I am all alone and simply lying in bed, but I
still keep some of them for special occasions. You may be one of those guys
that has a couple of items to wear for fun in the bedroom, but I have items
that I wear all day long in the hopes of finding someone to have fun in the
bedroom with later on that night.


Mens swimwear : bikinis, thongs, G-strings, male to female
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Men’s Sex Wear

the Perfect Mens Sex Wear

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There are many secrets in the lives of men and their
sexual partners. Many of these secrets involve finding the perfect mens sex wear to use during those very
private and intimate times shared behind closed doors. Some men don’t even have
to have the doors closed to enjoy this particular intimacy. That’s, of course,
up to each individual and what they’re into sexually. However, whatever you may
enjoy being a part of in this area, if you’ve got some interesting fetishes or
simply really like different sorts of role play, it’s most likely going to
involve dressing up in some sort of hot sex wear for men. This is particularly
true when it comes to choosing just the right items that will get your
partner’s pulse racing and blood roaring to certain body parts.

It’s not all that unusual these days to see mens sex wear as an important part of
sex play. No longer are women the only ones that get to dress up in kinky
lingerie and other outfits when they’re trying to seduce their lovers. Now, men
can jump into the act and do their part to excite and entice their partners.
All they need to do is find the right sort of sex wear that will fit into their
lifestyle and the type of sexual experiences that they enjoy.

There are all kinds of sex wear for men that can be
incorporated into the various fantasy scenes that couples thrill to. The
perfect mens sex wear is the most
promising way to spice up any sexual encounter of the kinky kind. That’s not to
say that it MUST be kinky, but it’s just that, typically, erotic wear isn’t
exactly required when it comes to simply romantic sex. Nothing extra for that
type of sex is desired or needed. It just comes down to two people that really
care about and are attracted to each other taking pleasure in being together
physically. For the kinkier and more exotic type of sex, lots of guys prefer
props, costumes and some simple sex wear that will rev things up.

sex wear
has become quite popular over the years. It was most
likely rather popular always, but it wasn’t something that most people were
ready for. That’s why it was kept private, especially when it was used between
two men that were finding joy and pleasure in each other. The concept of sex
wear for men has now caught on so that it’s so much easier to find exactly what
you need or want to bring into your special quality time with your partner.

Quite possibly, the best of these items are now
found right on the Internet. There are many websites that specialize in such
intimate attire as mens sex wear. A
lot of it is good quality while other websites tend to deal in mostly cookie
cutter wear. Those websites are the ones that carry all the same things with
nothing really standing out as different from anything else you’ll find there.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of these websites online. You can
spend days, weeks, or even months, sifting your way through them all to try to
find what you want or you can start at the top with the very best website of
them all.

If you choose to decide to go for the best of the
best of these types of websites, then you’ll want to head directly to This is the premiere website of mens swimwear, thongs,
G-strings, and mens sex wear. There
are so many great things about this site that once you get there and see what
it has to offer, you’ll be so happy you didn’t waste all of that time on those
other websites.

You need to know some things about so
you’ll understand why it’s THE site to start with when you’re looking for some
of the sexiest and hottest mens wear you’ll find anywhere. First of all, it’s
the home of professional mens wear designer, Michael David. Michael started on
his path to his designing career when he was still a teenager. He was
introduced to his first Speedo and loved the way it looked and felt. Something
told him in that moment that the purpose of his life was to design and create
mens swimwear and mens sex wear.
Spandex and Lycra are his favorite materials to work with and his designs
reflect that. Nothing excites Michael more than coming up with a brand new
design for men and he really throws himself into the process.

Another important thing you need to know about is that no item is put up for sale without first being fully
tested by Michael and his staff. If something doesn’t feel right to him, he
takes it back to the drawing board and starts all over again. All of Michael’s
creations must be perfect and pass his rigorous testing. He believes that if
there’s something about any of his designs that he doesn’t like, there will be
some men out there that will also not like that same thing. He views it as a
flaw and, therefore, it must be corrected. Once Michael is happy with the look
and feel of a design, he’s ready to offer it for sale on his website.

Now, you may think that buying mens sex wear from a site like that offers only
professionally designed mens wear will break your bank account. In reality,
this site offers some of the most affordable prices for the high quality items
you get. That’s another thing about Michael David; he WANTS men to be able to
enjoy his designs. He understands that if he prices his mens wear at the higher
prices of some of his competitors that it may be hard for a lot of men to
afford it. Michael takes such pleasure in creating his designs and that
pleasure extends to knowing that men all over the world will be wearing them.

This is also true of the mens sex wear that Michael designs and sells on
Michael has built in pleasure devices into some of his swimwear designs as well
as creating standalone sex wear. It might even be said that Michael has gone to
a lot of effort to encourage sexual freedom in what two people do to enjoy each
other. His contribution to that end is the various designs that he comes up
with to enhance everything from role playing to romance. He offers everything
from swimwear with sex toys built in to chastity cages and many other styles of
mens sex wear in between.

Not only are there some of the hottest and most
erotic mens wear sold on, but the guys that model these items
offer some definite eye candy. You can probably get lost on this website just
in looking at these beautiful men. They seem to be available in all shapes and
sizes, too. You’ll find small, compact men with lots of hair that you could run
your hands through and a well put together body. There are also men that could
easily be male centerfolds or the winners of bodybuilder contests. What it all
comes down to is that these are definitely drool-worthy men that you’re going
to want to spend a lot of time staring at.

Now, if you’re already in a relationship and you’ve
been talking with your partner about spicing things up a bit more in the
bedroom, you may both want to sit down and browse through
together. Looking at the various mens
sex wear
as well as those great looking male models may go a long way to
getting both of you in the mood for more than just perusing a specialty mens wear
website. You just never know what physical joys that visual aids will bring
about, and when you get a look at these models, there will most likely be more
than just a passing fantasy thought. These guys leave nothing to the
imagination even when they’re wearing some of Michael’s more “conservative”

It’s worth mentioning that the mens wear you’ll find
on is geared more toward men that believe in taking care of their
bodies and staying in shape. This doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be the
embodiment of perfection, but it does mean that if you weigh three hundred
pounds that you most likely won’t be squeezing into any of Michael’s creations.
Even if you do manage to get any of them on, it’s not going to be attractive.
So if you go looking at mens sex wear on, you may want to be sure
that you’re of at least a normal size. That’s actually another reason to buy
Michael’s designs. The fact that he makes designs in regular sizes shows that
he encourages you to be healthy and in shape. When you’re ready to indulge
yourself in some fun specialty mens wear, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve
toned up and trimmed down if that was something you needed to do.

Everyone has different tastes and fantasies when it
comes to sex. Some men are vanilla in that they don’t actually ever deviate from
what’s considered to be the norm in the realm of sexuality. Other men lean in a
kinkier direction. They have various things that turn them on and they’re open
to trying just about anything at least once. If you fall into this category,
you’re going to want to investigate the mens
sex wear
sold at You’ll find so many choices at this website
that you may want to get several of them to try out.

If you’re in a relationship with someone, it may
work best if you and your partner both sit down and go through the various
designs of mens wear at When both of you choose these types of
items together, you can be sure that you’re each going to be wearing what the
other wants to see. As you go through the different pages of this website, the
two of you may even start to put together a fantasy or role playing sex game
that you’ll want to set the stage for. If you do this, you’ll be able to buy
items specifically for the scene that will be forthcoming. You may even get a
bit excited just talking about it and choosing the best mens sex wear for the fantasy.

That’s another great aspect to shopping at; you can shop from the privacy of your very own home. There’s no
going out to the mall looking for things you probably won’t find in those
little overpriced specialty shops. In fact, most of the designs that you’ll
find available on this website aren’t going to be easily found in shops and
stores. If Michael David isn’t somehow affiliated with where you’re shopping,
you’re not going to find anything like you’ll see on So keeping
that in mind along with the fact that you and your partner may find it a bit
uncomfortable shopping for such personal items in public where anyone can see
them, is the obvious choice to shop for mens sex wear.

When you’ve chosen and ordered your items, there’s
no need to worry that your mail carrier or any of your neighbors will have any
clue as to what you’ve ordered. It comes discreetly packaged and no one will
ever know what’s in the box unless you decide to tell them. You can also choose
from various shipping methods, depending on how fast you want your items to
arrive. There’s even a fast method that will have your items in your hands within
two days’ time. It’s completely up to you which one will work best for you. If
you’re not in a huge hurry, you can save a few dollars and get a longer
delivery method.

While you’re waiting for your mens sex wear to arrive, you can begin planning your big night and
how you’re going to work these new items into your plans. Will you want to wear
it underneath normal clothes and have a rather ordinary evening? That can be
fun if the two of you go out to dinner or to a club and both of you know what
you’re wearing under your clothes. It can stir up some definite sexual tension
as you and your partner anticipate the fun that’s to come later in the evening.

Another scenario is to don your mens sex wear when it arrives and be wearing it when your partner
gets home. You can even greet them at the door wearing only that item. Enjoy a
romantic candle lit dinner wearing only your new garment. Give your partner an
eyeful without being too obvious. Something like this can really set the mood
for wonderful events to look forward to.

As you’re getting your plans organized for when your
delivery arrives, you probably do want to do something just a bit out of the
ordinary for your partner. It makes more sense to set the scene when you’re
trying out something new rather than just ripping the package open and jumping
into things. Make it a special evening or even a full day of fun and games.
Your mens sex wear will go a long
way to create that special atmosphere that you’ve been trying to achieve.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with experimenting
in sexual situations. If everyone was interested in exactly the same type of
intimate activities, it would be a terribly boring world. People all have
different needs, desires and preferences when it comes to how they enjoy sex.
Therefore, clothing and items that are purchased will be varied. Couples that
have a successful relationship understand what each other needs sexually. They
sit down and talk about these things. Communication is the key to relationships
working or failing. So, if you feel that something is missing from your
relationship, choosing some mens sex
as a couple may be just what is needed to bring everything together in
a perfect harmony.

At, Michael David has done the work
for you when it comes to designing the perfect mens wear. He’s given you
everything you need with the choices he offers. You’ll never find the unique
designs anywhere else that are presented to you at this website.  Everything is tailored to entice and seduce so
you know that you can’t possibly go wrong with any of these items. Michael
knows what he’s doing when he facilitates his designs into actual garments and
items. Remember, if he doesn’t like it, he assumes that no one else will like
it so he goes back and starts all over again until he’s happy with each style.
That should reassure you in all of the ways that count when you choose to buy mens sex wear from

Everything you buy from this website offers you
all that you need. You’ll get high quality, uniqueness, and affordability. When
you think about that, there really couldn’t be a more perfect website to find
the mens wear that you want and need in your life.