Mens Sex Wear on the Job

Wearing mens sex wear under your clothing while you
are at work can be quite exciting most of the time. But there is also a chance
that you will end up showing everyone you work with just what you like to get
up to in the privacy of your own home. I have thought about taking my sex wear
to work with me but I know that someone would end up noticing that I was
wearing something I probably shouldn’t be and my secret would be exposed to
everyone. I would probably end up getting fired as well since my boss is a
goody-two shoes type person.

I guess the main reason people would notice that I
was wearing mens sex wear to work is because my fetish is a bit strange and
requires a lot of chains and other accessories. Therefore, my sex wear also has
a lot of metal like properties to them and there is a metal detector in the
building that I work in. Going through that with my sex wear on would probably
not be a smart thing to do and trying to skip around that detector would be
even worse. So I will keep to wearing mine at home.

There are plenty of other mens sex wear options
available on the market that you could be wearing to work, though. I have
friends that wear some of their milder designs to work and they all tell me
that it keeps them alert and excited all day long. While I would love to have a
day where I felt like that, I will have to stick with getting that type of
feeling at home with my boyfriend. Even he gets the chance to wear some of his
items to work for the day and there are times when I actually consider quitting
my job so that I could do it, too. But that would just be irresponsible.

Mens Sex Wear Under My Judge’s Robes

Mens Sex Wear Under My Judge’s Robes

I have been
wearing mens sex wear for most of my life and can’t think of anything else I
would rather wear on a regular basis. I have gone as far as picking out things
that I can have on under my clothes so that I can have the enjoyment of them
while I am working. Now that may seem like a common place thing to most guys
out there, but when you consider my career as a high ranking government
official and the fact that my sex wear is geared more towards BDSM than
anything else, it does get awkward sometimes.

The type of
mens sex wear that I currently enjoy isn’t all that important. At least to you
it isn’t all that important because it’s not something that I want people in
general to know about. I have put a lot of effort into keeping these things a
secret for the most part and I really don’t need this information spreading all
over the place. But I will tell you that presiding over a court case while
wearing some of these items is one of the most erotic sensations that I have
ever had in my life.


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Whether you
are planning on wearing your mens sex wear while you are working or if you prefer
to keep it at home is up to you. I will share with you, though, that wearing
them to work can greatly increase your productivity to a certain point. I
honestly think that the comfort that I get from wearing these particular items
helps me in making better decisions and that is something that is extremely
important in my career. You may not feel the same way about the items you wear,
but then you might not have the same stress and demands placed on you that I
have, either. You simply must make reach your own personal conclusions.